An Introduction to Designing Systems and Processes

You’ve got your algorithms, compilers, and version control, but what about the big picture? How do you go from a problem statement to a design and set of tasks you can work through?

In this talk, I will share my design process for building new and refactoring existing systems. We will cover describing the problem(s), eliciting functional and ‘non-functional’ requirements, designing systems and processes that solve the problem, and gathering feedback. We will focus on understanding customers, discovering their spoken and unspoken needs, and creating systems and processes that deliver value safely and sustainably.

This talk is intended for people looking to take on their first big design activity or interested in learning more about leading an effective system design process. You will leave with clear recommendations for how to navigate through the design process and resources to support your own research and communications.



Stephen Kuenzli


Stephen Kuenzli has designed, built, deployed, and operated highly-available, scalable software systems in high tech manufacturing, banking, and ecommerce systems for nearly 20 years in addition to a