Creating a Culture of Continuous Learning

How Senior Leaders need to evolve to support a culture of continuous learning. I’ll share my personal journey and what I’ve learned and observed as I’ve moved from being an engineer into leadership.

Some of the principles I believe are core to the Senior leadership evolution:

  • Honor & Extract Reality
  • Understand the work - Go & See (not Go & Tell)
  • Provide strategic prioritization/focus/discipline
  • Become a Teacher - Problem Solving & Improvement Kata
  • Empower with accountability through context/purpose/mission
  • Lead by Example (actions matching words)
  • Human Error is NOT a root cause
  • There is no single root cause
  • Be a lifelong learner
  • People are the organization’s #1 asset (R-E-S-P-E-C-T)

I will also touch on how lean and DevOps have inspired me as a leader and what I’ve learned as techniques and tactics (value stream mapping, A3 problem solving, WIP limits, retros, improvement kata) to apply within in the teams I support.

I hope attendees would learn what they should expect from their leaders and how these principles can add value regardless of their role in the organization.



Courtney Kissler

I am currently the Vice President of Digital Platform Engineering at Nike. My teams are accountable for building a re-usable seamless platform to power Nike Direct to Consumer experiences. I am ...