Breaking Up The Boulders: Enabling Flow in a Regulated Organization

When DevOps methodologies are put into practice at other organizations, IT folks in regulated companies often shake their heads and say “it can’t be done here.” Walking into these departments is like walking into the past - security, mainframe-driven data flows, outsourced operations, and conservative business have led to a generation of IT departments frozen in the 1990’s.

What happens when you’re brought into an organization like that and asked to initiate change? How do you reconcile different organizational ideas about DevOps? How do you get an organization to transform when it can’t agree on a goal?

This is the true story of how we initiated the transformation at the Standard, how we got here, and where we’re going next.



Eric Shamow

Eric Shamow is the Lead Platform Engineer at the Standard. He was formerly the Methodologies Lead for Puppet, where he studied hundreds of organizations to understand how to make DevOps methodologies ...