Becoming a DevOps guy from the ground

Getting started into the DevOps world is one of the most amazing and challenging experiences I had in my life. Considering I was coming from software development world, mostly working with Microsoft products for 12 years, the turnaround was simply dramatic. Suddenly I was in charge of managing automation builds for Linux-based products which I had almost zero experience with, having JIRA tickets to perform Ansible scripts to deploy to different environments and getting new products in different programing languages on a weekly basis was amazingly astonishing. And everything was done remotely.

On this talk I will share with you my experience as a DevOps engineer in Aurea Software working remotely as an Independent Contractor for almost three years. I will let you know how hard was becoming a DevOps guy from the ground, which strategies helped and which others not, how it was to work with people from all over the world, and most importantly how satisfied I am, now I finally know what I’m doing.



Rodrigo Caballero Hurtado

Rodrigo Caballero Hurtado is a Bolivian Software Architect with 12 years of Software development experience and 3 more years in the DevOps field. Primarily focused on learning new technologies, he ...