DevOps in the enterprise: how "swarming" can fix the problem of becoming a 3rd-line support team

As DevOps becomes increasingly established in enterprises, and its outputs become widely adopted, DevOps practitioners increasingly find themselves absorbed into traditional, large scale IT support structures. Often this means becoming “tier 3” in a multi-layered support structure. The shortcomings of this structure make it the antithesis of DevOps: the siloed nature of tiered support creates work-in-progress queues. Cross-functional collaboration is limited, communication is disjointed, and knowledge sharing is difficult. In this presentation we will discuss Swarming: an alternative methodology now emerging in forward-looking enterprises, which sets out to dismantle the tiered approach, replacing it with a dynamic, lean, and cross-functional methodology which is a much better fit for DevOps.




Jon Hall


Senior Product Manager at BMC

Jon is a senior product manager at BMC, focused on the creation of a new generation of innovative, design-led support tools. He is also a passionate advocate of devops in