Multi-language Continuous Delivery Pipelines with Jenkins, Docker & OpenShift

In the brave new world of microservices, the need for polyglot solutions is growing, making it harder to standardize continuous delivery pipelines across many different languages and runtimes. Tasks like compiling, packaging, profiling or verifying software components, are now more diverse and our toolbelt as developers does not cease to grow. Thankfully, there are ways to prescribe and standardize without losing freedom and flexibility. In this talk we will showcase. from a very pragmatic and hands-on point of view, an architectural approach based on real-world project experiences, unleashing the power of Jenkins, Jenkinsfile declarative pipelines, Jenkins libraries, Docker and OpenShift, for continuously delivering polyglot components at ease.




Jorge Hidalgo


Global Java Community Lead at Accenture

Jorge Hdalgo is the Global Java Community Lead in Accenture, and the Custom Engineering, Architecture and DevOps Lead in the Accenture Spain Advanced Technology