Effective Kubernetes: From zero to Hero

Kubernetes is a modern standard de-facto to build and deploy and run your container clusters. This full day workshop will focus around operations and development tasks. It will give you knowledge and hands-on experience with Kubernetes and real-life working recipes for your work.

This hands on workshop will focus around core Kubernetes functionality, concepts and architecture. We will start from the basics and cover topics on how to:

  • build your application and deliver to your Kubernetes cluster
  • write deployment configuration for you: application deployment, persistent volumes, configuration
  • life-cycle operations, such as rolling updates
  • Kubernetes permission model management, ingress etc

Then we will go in slightly more advanced and not so obvious topics:

  • review Kubernetes architecture in details
  • package your application with helm charts and jsonnet
  • how to extend Kubernetes with operators and custom resources

Participants will be provided free of charge dedicated Kubernetes cluster in AWS. They will use terminal to connect. However you do need your laptop with installed terminal an SSH client. No additional software will be needed. Previous Linux and shell skills are advised however not a prerequisite. Our materials will carefully guide you through. If you want to go advanced then there are no limits! See you in the lab!



Antons Kranga


Director of Engineering at Agile Stacks, Inc

Antons is a passionate DevOps evangelist and cloud architect. Enjoys to automate-everything and a specially Kubernetes. Likes to inspire and be inspired by


Viktors Oginskis

Senior Site Reliability Engineer Agile Stacks, Inc

Viktors is Senior Site Reliability Engineer at Agile Stacks. He is experienced software and infrastructure engineer, currently helping to build an