Activating Your Emotion Chip: Building Great DevOps Culture Through Mentorship, Coaching, and ❤️

"While technical mentoring can be very rewarding, it can also be really difficult. On my team, we pair new engineers and interns with a mentor and a coach. The mentor focuses on providing specific technical advice, while the coach provides career guidance, a path to integrating smoothly with the team as well as the company, and a safe space to express concerns or non technical questions. I’ll discuss the challenges I faced as a technical and career coach for my teammates, strategies for adopting coaching techniques in your day to day engineering work, and how a coaching mindset can cultivate trust and effective DevOps culture." Renee Lung is the mother of three cats, and Canadian expat. Although she's principally a backend engineer, indulging in front-end work is her occasional guilty pleasure.



Renee Lung


Software Engineer at PagerDuty

Renee Lung is a software engineer at PagerDuty, mother of three cats, and Canadian expat. With a BA in Economics and a Master’s in Graphic Design, you might say I’ve