Jan de Vries

Trusted advisor in the fields of DevOps at Naboek

Jan de Vries from the Netherlands is a senior business IT consultant and a trusted advisor in the fields of DevOps, requirements engineering, business information management and application management. His presentation is based on two books written by one of the foremost thinkers of our time: Nassim Nicholas Taleb. Taleb recently published 'Skin in the game' about hidden asymmetries in daily life and in 2012 ‘Antifragile', things that gain from disorder. These 2 books explain why some concepts work (DevOps, continuous deployment, the Chaos Monkey) and others don’t (agile only, software projects, silo’s, top down management). It’s like turning on the light in your DevOps environment. It will help you to improve your (IT) organisation in the right direction. This talk contains practical tips and tricks that can be applied instantly.