Case Study: DevOps Bringing Paradigm Shift to Quality Assurance

Agile and DevOps is not just about speed - it’s also about results for the business, and that implies delivery quality built into the process. A company only establishes itself in the market when they offer good levels of quality, scalability, capacity and availability. There are strategies for verifying quality in large projects, and one of the biggest trade-offs is choosing the minimum tests that need to be done by each commit versus the end-to-end tests that guarantee quality but this could take hours. How to choose this subset? In this presentation, we will explain our journey, the conception of the idea, the search for technologies, the POCs, the definition of smoke tests and especially the cultural difficulties in changing the definitions of done (DoD), the exchange of information between the teams, the selection of the first team that would test this new process and especially how people faced this paradigm how this improved their work as a consequence by delivery a better final product.



Mônica Arruda

Working as a Software Development Engineer at Daitan Group, I am acting by implement the idea of this tool, describing the requirements, and mainly being involved on the paradigm shift, being ...