#serverless + #devops = BFF

serverless, sweet #serverless, why did they have to name you something so easily shamed? At RealSelf, we first tried adopting AWS Lambda as part of a customer facing feature in mid 2016. We knew both code and our cloud quite well, but our first #serverless attempt ended in failure because we didn’t yet understand appropriate use of this new approach to operating.

Fast forward to mid 2017, and my team decommissioned our last VirtualMachine Used for Automation. We deployed three new lambdas for customer facing features in December of 2017. We’re regular users of Lambda, and I’m personally a big fan.

To me, the sales pitch for #serverless is terribly misplaced. You can run code without running servers, but it’s not because you only have to think about your code. It’s because you are willing to let your cloud do what your servers used to do. If you aren’t comfortable with that concept, or know what that might mean inside your own cloud, this may not be right for you ( and that’s AOK ).

I believe the lowest risk high payoff use of #serverless is for automation and #devops tasks. It’s a great way to get familiar with the operational nuance of #serverless without getting in the path of revenue for your business.



Ed Anderson

SRE Manager bringing the Good News of DevOps at @realself. 💖 the people 💖 the work