3 months to 2 weeks - How 500 people changed their delivery culture

For the last 22months, my team and I have been leading a large DevOps Transformation at a Large Healthcare Insurer and Provider in the Bay Area. This talk will high-light how we went about doing it and talk about the painful realities of achieving a real DevOps Transformation.

  • Started with a 3 day 40 people Value Stream Mapping exercise high-lighting the flow of a release from Planning to Production. The entire release lasted 3 months and that’s a normal cycle.
  • From VSM, walked out with a few goals as an organization - Achieve Rapid Releases (release every 2 weeks); change team structure to follow the spotify squad model; build and use a consistent automated pipeline across all applications
  • We built a “Factory of the Future” model where we looked at the existing software factory, re-imagined how a few factory will look like, built a small portion of the factory, tested it with multiple releases it to production and onboarded teams onto the new factory.
  • Current state is scaling this new Factory to other teams in the organization



Ravi Kalaga

Ravi Kalaga is the Co-Founder at Liatrio, a DevOps Consulting firm focussed on accelerating the adoption of DevOps at large enterprises. As the Head of the Consulting practice at Liatrio, he leads ...