You can't do that : Moving from a monolith to an API Economy at Columbia Sportswear

In this experience report we will catch up with Columbia Sportswear (a Microsoft enterprise) 3 years into their journey to modernize enterprise IT. In year 3 DevOps is being scaled across the IT with many application teams changing how they are working.

  • Year 1 - Getting started, Proofs of Concept, Making work visible, initial CHEF implementation
  • Year 2 - Building a learning organization, ChatOps, Infrastructure as Code, Automating our own Data Centers
  • Year 3 - Building a Business Case, Executive support, Convincing partners to come along on the journey, Mobile Dojo (original engineers are now coaching, mentoring, and helping new application teams to adopt DevOps), Public Cloud, Working with Microsoft Product teams at times to make products more DevOps friendly (VSTS : yaml build process, Dyanmics: DevOps)

In the last year Columbia has moved to Public Cloud first (Azure) and are implementing an open data platform using APIs and a microservices integration pattern to build an API Economy. Columbia is using CI/CD to deliver Platform as a Service (PaaS) including:

  • Service Bus
  • Event Hub
  • Azure Functions
  • API Gateway
  • Web Services
  • Azure Data Warehouse
  • Azure Data Factory Pipelines
  • HDI Insights
  • etc.



Scott Nasello

Scott Nasello is the Senior Manger of Platforms and Systems Engineering at Columbia Sportswear