Building Developer Tools Your Coworkers Won't Hate

It's easy to complain about bad tools. It's harder to write a great tool yourself. Once you step into the shoes of an internal tools developer, you realize that you're balancing feature requests and constraints from a dozen different teams and an entire universe of complexity behind what should be a simple UI. In this talk, we'll talk about how to gather information about your users’ needs, how to balance between conflicting requirements, and ways you can fail to build a tool that your coworkers want to use.



Amy Nguyen

Amy Nguyen is a software engineer on the Stripe Observability team and she wants to make data accessible for everyone. Outside of work, Amy writes about the tech industry, loves baking, and reads too many self-improvement books.adam-barber

Adam Barber

Adam is a software engineer at Nylas and a CS student at Portland State University. He is a former sysadmin with a passion for bringing design principles into his work on infrastructure.