Infrastructure as Code The Hard Way

The concept of Infrastructure as Code is not new to the world of DevOps. Many who understand it call Infrastructure as Code the fundamental practice of DevOps. Yet, there is still a lot of confusion about Infrastructure as Code. Many don't understand what it is and how popular tools like Ansible, Terraform, Docker, Kubernetes fit into this model. I created a simple Open Source tutorial about Infrastructure as Code that is designed to show people how Infrastructure as Code governs the modern infrastructure management. It gives a practical overview of popular modern tools such as Packer, Terraform, Ansible, Vagrant, Docker, Kubernetes, and shows how they implement Infrastructure as Code approach.



Artem Starostenko

Worked as a DevOps consultant for 2 years in Moscow. I was one of the main authors of 5-months online DevOps course in Russia. Recently moved to the Bay Area where I work as DevOps engineer.