Are your interns actually sad? The answer may surprise you!

Interns can be a huge asset to an operations team, so why do some speed up your deployment process by 80% while others never make it past their first commit? Oftentimes, the difference between these two situations lies in your control, as a mentor. Come and find out how you can make your intern’s experience great, and set them up for success!

Interns can be a huge asset to an operations team. Intern projects can create tens of thousands of dollars of value for your org. However, bad internship experiences don't benefit anyone. They can convince young engineers to drop out of the field and hinder the effectiveness of an engineering team. Unfortunately, there is very little information out there about what does and doesn’t work for interns!. After five internships, I have seen a range of good and bad intern experiences. I’ve known students who after an internship chose to leave tech entirely, and other who were inspired to start a career in operations. In this talk, you’ll hear about how you can set your intern up for success with concrete steps and examples.



Fatema Boxwala

Fatema Boxwala is a CS student at the University of Waterloo. At school she’s involved with the Women in Computer Science Committee and the Computer Science Club, occasionally teaching people about ...