Learning to Share (Responsibilities)

All teams in an engineering org have their own defined set of responsibilities, but what about those areas of responsibility that must be shared, particularly security or, especially in smaller companies, on-call rotations? How do we instill a sense of ownership that transcends team boundaries without either letting the ball drop or seeing one team take up the slack for everyone else?

We’ll talk about how to drive a sense of shared responsibility with incentives and other positive reinforcement techniques to motivate everyone to do their part and make a sum bigger than the whole of its parts.



Karen Bruner

After a couple decades on-call, Karen has developed a phobia of not getting enough sleep. She spends her spare time rendering puns in yarn, learning obscure fiber crafts, and tripping over cats.cads-oakley

Cads Oakley

Cads has been messing around with this DevOps thing for a while now and likes making things just kinda work right. The bits he likes making work right most are cross-functional teams and getting ...