SLO Creation and You: or, How we learned to stop worrying and love the queue length

RabbitMQ and the services that use it serve as the backdrop to sharing how FreshBooks came up with some of its first service level objectives. Why are you taking this thing we care about? How else can we know if there are connectivity issues to RabbitMQ? How else can we know if the consumer doesn't have enough capacity? What does queue length tell us - and what doesn't it tell us? How do we let go of single-metric “something could be wrong” indicators to more direct indications that something IS wrong?

Join and hear the tale in four parts of how we helped service owners let go of RabbitMQ queue length and take a customer-centric approach to curating services’ SLOs, or how we learned to stop worrying and love the queue length.



Lisa Seelye

Lisa has been a systems administrator with FreshBooks for just over three years. Prior to that she was a sysadmin at a Toronto-based gaming company for seven years. Going back far enough Lisa made ...