Observability 3 ways: Logging, Metrics and Distributed Tracing

People have different tools to help understand production services. You've probably heard about request IDs, but maybe don't know if that means you are “tracing” or not. We'll cross the silos and see how different tools work independently and together to help you understand your services!

Let’s talk about often confused telemetry tools: Logging, Metrics and Distributed Tracing. We’ll show how you capture latency using each of the tools and how they work differently. Through examples and discussion, we’ll note edge cases where certain tools have advantages over others. By the end of this talk, we’ll better understand how each of Logging, Metrics and Distributed Tracing aids us in different ways to understand our applications.

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Adrian Cole

Adrian works at Pivotal, on the Spring Cloud team. He spends most on Zipkin, usually in Java. He also runs a distributed tracing working group for implementors.