Less yak shaving with more DEV and SEC in your OPS

The seemingly endless series of small tasks that have to be completed before the next step in a project can move forward is getting larger, longer and more painful ! I don't know about you, but shaving yak's wasn't part of my job description!

Let me help you bring in automation techniques with real customer war stories and live code examples that can help you spend more time delivering unicorns for your customers to ride and less time shaving yaks and other hairy beasts.

To do this, we will look at three main areas, aligned to Application Automation, Audit Compliance as Code and Continuous Configuration. Whether you are using K8s, Mesosphere, OpenShift or baremetal with Unix, Linux or Windows, there is a story and technique to help you. I'll be sure to share all my code and the opensource projects that make the magic happen.

Don't turn up to your next retrospective with a list of problems. Attend this talk and go armed with a list of real solutions to share with your team so you can shave yaks in seconds and spend more time on HugOps and BeerOps. (Note: Always Hug and Drink responsibly )

Note: No Yak's were harmed in the making of this talk !

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Anthony Rees

Anthony is a Regional Solutions Architect at Chef with a strong background in agile application development. He has always been an active open source community member and advocate, including ...