Keynote: The State of DevOps 2018

DevOps is approaching 10 years old as a term, but it continues to evolve in response to the state of the software world. DevOps is the recognition of the way that developers, operations, and the business deliver features into production. There is no formal methodology, only sets of practice and principles of how we predictably ensure reliable delivery of business outcomes through IT.

Let's take a look back at the changing landscape and the current hot topics of conversation:

  • Has DevOps gone mainstream?
  • Is DevOps culture or tools?
  • DevOps vs. SRE, what's the difference?
  • What does Serverless mean to DevOps?
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Matt Ray


Matt Ray is the Regional Manager and Solutions Architect for Asia Pacific and Japan for Chef. He has worked in large enterprise software companies and founded his own startups in a wide variety of