Iterate faster with Immutable Infrastructure

What are the advantages of the Immutable Infrastructure concept compared to the proven system maintenance with configuration management tools such as Ansilbe, Chef or Puppet? After this presentation you will know why Immutable Infrastructure leads to a significantly increased release speed, faster feedback and more stability in your infrastructure. You will also have noticed that your previous investments in automation will continue to pay off.

A particular focus will be on the benefits of Immutable Infrastructure in emergencies such as system failures, faulty deployments or hacking attacks. Last but not least, it also shows how Immutable Infrastructure can be used profitably during the development phase.

The presented practical example will demonstrate how a pipeline for Immutable Infrastructure based on open source tools can be implemented. It also shows how concepts known from software development, such as unit & integration testing, can be applied to the management of infrastructure.



Basil Brunner


Basil Brunner is a Software & IT Operations Engineer. He is involved in the development and operation of SaaS applications. He attaches particular importance to leveraging the benefits of cloud