A Hands-On Introduction to DevOps with Cloud Foundry

I will provide a hands-on introduction to working with Cloud Foundry, focussing on DevOps aspects and explaining how a PaaS solution is an ideal platform for working in DevOps mode. I will first introduce a sample architecture consisting of three components: an API written in Node storing data in a MongoDB instance and sending events to a RabbitMq queue. A UI written in React, consuming the API and a mailer reading messages from RabbitMq and sending mails via an external mail provider (Mailgun). Working with this example, I will then go through the following topics hands-on in Cloud Foundry:

  1. Basic concepts: Orgs, Spaces, Accounts, Roles
  2. The command line interface
  3. Services
  4. Apps
  5. Pushing apps
  6. Service binding
  7. Routes
  8. Scaling an app
  9. Zero-downtime deployment

At the end I will add some time for Q&A.



Mathis Kretz


Mathis Kretz is working at Swisscom leading the Cloud Empowerment Team, which enables external and internal customers working with one of Swisscom’s cloud platforms to create value from day one.