Nicole Becher

Nicole Becher is professional information security consultant.

She has been in the cybersecurity space for over ten years working mainly in offensive security capacities.

She manages penetration testing and red teams, forensics and incident responders, and malware reverse engineering teams. She has also worked on the cyber policy side for New York State Department of Financial Services, where she helped develop the first-in-nation regulatory framework for assessing the cybersecurity of large and complex financial institutions.

She also helped draft the first-in-nation regulatory and licensing framework for Bitcoin and virtual currencies. Nicole is also as an Adjunct Instructor at New York University, where she teaches courses on offensive and defensive computer security, network security, web application security, and computer forensics.

She is a chapter leader for OWASP Brooklyn (Open Web Application Security Project) and has presented both talks and trainings, at various conferences around the world on topics related to her research interests. These include web application security, malware analysis, economics of cybersecurity, cybercrime, and international cyberlaws and regulation. She has also advised Hollywood scriptwriters on cybersecurity and hacking (maybe mention that script writing is one of your interests as well?).

She is a Cybersecurity fellow of New America, a Washington DC-based think-tank, and is a fellow of the Madison Policy Forum, a cybersecurity-focused policy group bridging military, government and industry.

She is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).

Nicole is part of the Conservation SMART Technology Security Council is very active in the Animal Rescue and conservation technology movements.

Nicole Becher