Torching architecture ivory towers

Ten years of DevOps and few businesses changed how they do a very crucial IT aspect: Architecture.

Engineers still deal with domain architects, business architects, enterprise architects and have to receive approvals to design or build applications. These architects live in an ivory tower, surrounded by diagrams, arrows and when confronted with new ideas will recite parchments of Gartner Quadrants to justify their choices. Also, yes, some of them haven’t written a line code for 10-15 years…

Isn’t there a better and faster way to design and architect your systems? Something more close to real life situation without losing the overall picture and benefits that a proper architecture brings?

This talk is about sharing failed and successful approaches trying to bring a pragmatic and hands-on approach to complex systems architecture:

  • Torch the ivory towers
  • Remove handoffs
  • Listen to everyone and rotate the decision-makers
  • Provide an option but give freedom
  • Forget where your work ends - think about where the customer appears
  • You do not code? Then you do not architect…

By the end of this talk, engineers will understand more why they all should engage in architecture discussions, feel comfortable questioning how things are done and propose a new Architecture Stream.




Thiago de Faria


Thiago de Faria is the Head of Solutions Engineering at LINKIT, a knowledge-driven organization with IT experts supporting partners with a transparent path toward pain mitigation and solving business