devopsdays Auckland - Sponsor

We greatly value sponsors for this open event. If you are interested in sponsoring our event, please drop us an email at

Returning to Auckland, DevOpsDays provides an opportunity to expose your brand to the DevOps community across NZ - whether you're looking for talent, wanting to extend the reach of your brand or just show the latest and greatest wares. Sponsoring DevOpsDays in Auckland is a unique occasion to interact with technology professionals and gives your representatives a chance to connect with participants.

Sponsorship Packages

We'll be releasing the sponsorship prospectus shortly, in the mean time we have confirmed the following sponsorship packages:

PackageCost (ex GST)

Sponsors are much appreciated for their financial assistance. Sponsorship is the main source of funding for the conference, with registration fees kept low to encourage broad community participation.

Sponsors are encouraged to represent themselves by actively participating and engaging with the participants as peers. Any participant has the opportunity to demo products/projects as part of an open space session, but this is not 'that kind of conference' and heavy marketing will probably work against you when trying to make a good impression on the participants. The best thing to do is send engineers to interact with the experts at DevOpsDays on their own terms.