A Monolith, a Microservices, and a Function Walk into a Bar

With a variety of choices and a constantly changing landscape designing a lasting architecture is no easy task. Monolith style applications take a lot of criticism these days, but when starting a new project this is often the right choice. In the early stages we cannot anticipate the changes which will come, from a technical perspective or in terms of features and requirements. Microservices, serverless or the next latest trend may be turn out to be the solution we need, but this is rarely clear on day one. The most important aspect of any new architecture is that it lends itself to incremental change.

In this talk, we will walk through evolving a non trivial monolithic application. We’ll cover how and why to split out functionality as microservices. From there we will continue with separating pieces into functions, and integrate them via the serverless paradigm. We’ll cover the platforms, patterns, and practices which make these migrations easier.

Attendees will learn the benefits and drawbacks of each architecture style. As well as best practices for evolving your architecture (when, why, and how). The live demo will involve Docker, Kubernetes and KNative, while focusing on the general patterns rather than the specific technologies involved.



Ian Crosby


Ian Crosby is a long time software engineer, with a passion for improving how software is developed. He has worked across a wide variety of industries and technologies, from writing machine code for