Architecting a Better Knowledge Base: Pragmatic Solutions Engineering

The desire to try and implement every new and exciting technology is sometimes insatiable (how many times have you heard “We tried Kubernetes, but…” or “TensorFlow seems great, but…” or “What even is Lambda and how do we get started?”, “host it ourselves, or put it on X?”), but how do you assess your needs, define your problem, refine a solution, and the hardest part of all, select the tools to implement that solution when the volume is turned up to 11 on every new part of the mythical cloud stack?

What underlies one set of answers to these questions is a process that is guided by a hierarchy of cognitive process that has three concepts:

  1. Data
  2. Knowledge
  3. Wisdom

In practice, it has 3 analogous parts: Discovery, Iteration, and Delivery.

How this process impacts your environment can mean the difference between a well-executed grasp at immutability in your infrastructure, and an over-engineered, under-planned deployment, into production. This talk will, swiftly, introduce you to this problem-solving process.



Joseph D. Marhee


Joseph is an Ecosystem Engineer at Packet, with past IaaS experience which includes SoftLayer, DigitalOcean, Platform9 Systems, as well as infrastructure engineering at Recurly and Simple Finance, and