Going Serverless with Java and AWS - Workshop

How do we design, implement, deploy and operate a backend using a AWS serverless architecture? Come learn in a hands-on way how to implement and managing a real-life backend system that use AWS Lambda, Java, Serverless.com and other serverless tech. Tips and tricks included.

You have heard about “serverless”, and perhaps even tried it out in some lightweight way. But have you worked through all the steps to design, implement, test, deploy and actively monitor and debug a backend architecture that is based just on serverless technologies? In this workshop we will design a basic serverless system, implement it using Java, test it, and deploy it using serverless.com. We will make use of other AWS services, including AWS DynamoDB, Gateway, System Manager, Cloudwatch and X-Ray, to help with the real world stuff, like persistence, secrets management, monitoring, logging and debugging. Along the way there are some interesting things we will learn, like how to go about designing for serverless architecture, how do you map the Lambda events to Java objects, how to keep secrets safe, how to use Swagger to design your API, and other tips and tricks that we picked up while implementing a backend system for a new product, using only serverless architecture. This is a very hands-on workshop, where you will be actively coding, so come prepared with Java 8 (the runtime supported by AWS Lambda) installed, and your AWS credentials ready. Pair and mob programming welcome.



Herman Lintvelt

Herman started coding in primary school and, shortly after receiving his Computer Science degree at Stellenbosch, he started his own business. In between coding for 20+ years professionally, he ...