How to shave a yak

In the IT world, we often talk about “Yak Shaving” - term to describe a chain of tasks that seem unrelated, but which are required in order to accomplish your primary goal.

When I mentioned this term to a group of well-seasoned knitters, they all exclaimed that you shouldn’t shave yaks. I was quickly informed that yak fiber (the industry term for yak hair) is one of the most expensive and prized materials to knit with. But in order for yak fiber to be useful, you need to collect it in the proper way.

In this ignite talk, I’ll share lessons that we can learn about Yak Shaving from the experts who actually care for yaks, collect their fiber and produce some of the worlds best yarn; and the knitters who turn it into clothing and other goods.



Jason Yee

Jason is a technical writer and evangelist at Datadog, where he works to inspire developers and ops engineers with the power of metrics and monitoring. Previously, he was the community manager for ...