Using Terraform Safely

Terraform is a widely popular Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tool that allows infrastructure resources to be provisioned in minutes using code. That popularity poses a risk for those new to Terraform. This talk walks through some common security risks when using Terraform.

The goal of the presentation is to look at the risks of using Terraform in an unsafe manner and how to use it in a secure manner. The talk will walk through some of the following areas.

  • The dangers of consuming public modules
  • Sensitive data in Terraform
  • Securely storing Terraform state files

At the conclusion of the session attendees should walk away with a better understanding of how to use Terraform in a safe manner.



Martez Reed

Martez is a Cloud Services Engineer at AHEAD, which is a Chicago based consulting company. He focuses primarily on building automation solutions encompassing Jenkins, Ansible, Terraform, Docker, and ...