Trusting Your Ingredients - What Building Software And Cheesecake Have In Common

As a developer, I always thought that security, like documentation, would be done by someone else. While that might have been true in the past, in today’s world that model no longer works. As a developer you’re responsible for the security of your app. Security in this case should be seen in the broadest sense of the word, ranging from licenses to software packages. A chef creating cheesecake has similar challenges. The ingredients of a cheesecake are similar to the software packages a developer uses. The preparation is similar to the DevOps pipeline, and recipe is similar to the licenses for developers. Messing up any of those means you have a messy kitchen, or a data breach!

In this talk we’ll look at:

  • Why do we care about licenses?
  • How does Sec get into the early stages of DevSecOps?
  • What can chefs and devs learn from each other?



Leon Stigter


Leon is a Developer Advocate at JFrog where his focus is on helping developers get the most out of their DevOps tools with the end goal of enabling those developers to achieve the Liquid Software