A Cloud Journey - How am I going to sell this? (breakout 2)

Making the decision to move apps or your entire enterprise to cloud services is not simple. You have to really get a good understanding of all the costs of doing this, not just the server costs vs cloud vm costs. The other thing to think about is how this is going to change your culture. You will lose people, and that is “ok.” We will dig deep into the finance side, look at costs of everything vs letting someone else do that for you. Think networks, people, servers, storage, etc. While this is not as sexy as deployment pipelines, it is more important to the success of your migration. If the finance side does not work, your project is sunk no matter how cool the stuff you built is.



Brian Hostetter

Brian is the Director of Architecture for DHI Group. His main focus is managing their cloud practice, especially the financial aspects. Previously he served as the operations Director and managed all ...