How Chaos Monkey went from feared foe to trusted friend - A Genesys SRE story.

Our talk will be about our transition from a start-up where there was little or no SRE practises to when acquired by Genesys and what SRE best practices they brought to the table. We want to talk about the lessons we learned as a group through Chaos Engineering and how we were able to integrate our services and become part of resilient cloud platform. We also want to talk about our thinking on the matter and how we went about achieving this.



Siddharth Raizada

Siddharth Raizada is an Associate Software Engineer at Genesys in Galway. He is on the Predictive Engagement team where as well as holding a development role, he is also specializing in DevOps. He ...colm-hally

Colm Hally

Colm is a Software Architect in Genesys’s Galway-based AI Hub, working on building AI capabilities into Genesys’s products. Colm joined Altocloud, a machine learning startup, in 2014 and ...