Relax: Automation Replaces Tasks not People

Relax: Automation Replaces Tasks not People by Robert Reeves from DevOpsDays Houston

Automation is coming. Make no mistake, automation is a survival imperative for the business. However, automation is a difficult topic for IT and others who see automation as a threat to their job.

We’ll discuss the benefits of automation for the business, Application Development, Operations, and other stake holders. Next, we’ll explore ways to win hearts and minds of those who are might initially be against automation. Finally, we’ll discuss ways to evaluate how to identify areas to automate and effective ways to measure results.

This talk is meant to provide concrete and empirically successful examples of companies who have adopted automation and benefited the company, IT professionals, and all other stakeholders.

Being an agent of change for the better in your company is difficult. With these examples you should be better prepared to accelerate your company’s effectiveness and improve the quality of life of employees.




Robert Reeves

As Chief Technical Officer, Robert Reeves advocates for Daticals customers and provides technical architecture leadership. Prior to co-founding Datical, Robert was a Director at the Austin Technology ...