Intelligent Deployment Pipelines

A deployment pipeline often consists of a Jenkins pipeline and a few commands to deploy a service. The problem with this is that most pipelines lack the intelligence necessary to make decisions based upon real-time data being generated.

The goal of the presentation is to provide an end to end example of how a deployment pipeline can become more intelligent. The talk will walk through some of the following areas.

  • What’s missing from my current pipeline?
  • Where does the data live?
  • How do you integrate that data with a deployment pipeline?
  • How do you generate data using load testing, chaos engineering and more?
  • How do you make decisions based upon real-time data?

At the conclusion of the session attendees should walk away with ideas of how to extend existing CI/CD pipelines or deployment pipelines to take advantage of additional logic using real-time data.



Martez Reed

Martez is a Principal Field Solutions Developer at Puppet. He’s passionate about building automation solutions that include Jenkins, Puppet, Terraform, Docker and various other tools found in a ...