Slow is smooth, smooth is fast

I was recently reading the book Space Barons which discusses the privatized space race, and it points out how Blue Origin takes on an outward appearance of slow and steady. In the book they mention the company’s unofficial motto of “slow is smooth, smooth is fast”.

That statement resonated with me in that my DevOps career has been focused on strategic planning, careful implementation, and then once the framework is in place, stepping on the gas. This concept can be applied to a number of DevOps components, whether it is a generic CI framework that lets you rapidly add new products and features, or planning out your cloud strategy so you are able to scale quickly and address needs geographically.

This talk will focus on the idea that sometimes we need to slow down and build things properly so that we can hit that stride later on when it matters.



Ryan Feiock

DevOps Director with 17 years of experience in the DevOps, test automation, and cloud infrastructure space. I am always on the lookout for the next evolution of tools and processes that span the ...