Continuous Delivery to Continuous Operations: DevOps +SRE = Continuous Culture

It is a well-accepted fact that organizational culture is the single most important critical success factor for driving DevOps transformation. However, with the emphasis on Continuous Delivery, is the DevOps definition of cultural transformation too limited to pre-production culture? Does the cultural value stream stop when the deployment button is pressed (or it presses itself)? While DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) do not share the same genesis, the dependencies for true end to end cultural transformation should be recognized and addressed.

This session by Dheeraj Nayal, Regional Head of the DevOps Institute will explore SRE as Continuous Operations as a key underpinning set of practices across the entire value stream. This session will explain the core principles and practices behind DevOps and SRE and will also provide tangible opportunities to engage, particularly in areas such as Change and Problem Management, setting and meeting Service Level Objectives and organizational design. Included will be innovative approaches to aligning taxonomies and automation as well as managing varying levels of acceptance and dealing with conflict. A continuous culture spectrum encourages people to be curious, to share knowledge, to become T or Comb Shaped and to have a sense of oneness with their DevOps initiatives.

Culture doesn’t drive people; people drive culture. And SRE and DevOps need to align people and culture in order to increase flow and reliability.



Dheeraj Nayal

Global DevOps, Agile Emerging Best Practices Advocate, Advisor, Evangelist | Digital Skills Development Specialist| Speaker SPEAKERBIO Community Builder