Making Just Culture just your culture

The DevOps movement has been bringing Just Culture into the tech industry. It’s time to learn what it is and how you can harness it to make your teams happier. We’ll discuss some of the research from Sidney Dekker and the DevOps movement, and I’ll share some of the methods I’ve used during cultural transformations. Long Just Culture stands to benefit the tech industry and all industries greatly. It started in aviation and health care, but John Allspaw brought it into the tech field through DevOps. It has actually become one of the three pillars of DevOps according to Gene Kim and John Willis. I have been studying this field for years, and we’ll discuss some of the original research as well as some of the latest related to DevOps. Then we’ll discuss some of the methods I’ve used in transformations that have included culture. In fact, all transformations are underpinned by culture, and that is something I always focus on first. What will the audience get? The audience will understand what is Just Culture, where it came from, and how to implement it at their companies. I’ll also provide some additional resources for the audience to learn more after the session. Why me? I often find myself the leader of transformations, but I’m merely the representative for so many who brought about these transformations. I brought large changes to a large medical company as a junior software engineer. I transformed a multinational, fifteen thousand person company as a DevOps Engineer which included cloud migrations and culture changes. Then I moved to a 150-year-old non-profit where I brought cloud, data, and culture changes through a large transformation. Most recently, I started a transformation at a large multinational security software vendor with culture, cloud, and SaaS changes.



Dan Barker

Dan spent 12 years in the military as a fighter jet mechanic before transitioning to a career in technology as a software engineer and then a manager. He was the Chief Architect at the National ...