All aboard, Meetup Mates! How we’ve set sail towards making the Meetup scene in London fun for everyone.

Keeping up with the rate of change in the technology landscape is hard and attending local Meetups are often the best, easiest, and most cost-effective way to learn and interact with people who are trying to solve the same problems as you. They’re also a great way to socialise with people with similar interests.

However, going to these events can be a daunting ordeal. In particular if you’ve just moved to the city, don’t have anyone to go with, or feel like you don’t ‘belong’ at a certain group because you haven’t used a certain technology yet.

Meetup Mates was founded because at Tecknuovo we believe everyone should be able to enjoy these events as much as we do. With over 80 sign-ups in the first month, the goal is to make attending Meetups a more fun and inclusive experience for everyone. This ignite will provide you with more information, give you a platform to confidently go to your first Meetup, and provide you a network to share ideas and passions about technology.



Dominique Top

As Co-Founder of Meetup Mates, DevOps Community Advocate and London’s Docker Community Leader (of the year!) Dominique has been a passionate part of the DevOps Community for the past few years and has ...kat-paines

Kat Paines

Kat is a marketing professional with years of consultancy experience under her belt. Heading up the Marketing & Community Team at Tecknuovo, a consultancy where tech is the first order of ...