Just Accelerate

Accelerate creation, mantainability and innovation of complex systems by maintaining quality is a challenge. After more than 20 years of work in GeneXus, I would like to tell you some lessons we learned, that perhaps today are obvious, by looking to the evolution of our creation process.

What’s is not this talk about

Is not about GeneXus features

What’s in it for you

This is a talk about creating and mantaining innovation by increasing quality during 25 years. What the past challenges in process and software delivery were, what our current challenges are. -I expect attendees to keep at least two lessons we suffered in the past and that they can have some introspective on where they are today in their internal processes for software delivery.

Some open questions I will ask during the talk:

  • Are innovation and quality possible at the same time?
  • Are innovation and quality possible at the same time, at the desired pace for the business?
  • Is it possible to promise features and quality and delivery time?
  • Are DevOps metrics relevant for the business ?

Some Technologies to be mentioned in this talk

  • Java, Python, C#, Swift, Android, Javascript
  • pvcs, vcs, svn, git
  • Msbuild, Maven, Nugets, Gradle, npm, pod
  • Cruise.Control, Jenkins, Teamcity, Team Foundation, Azure Pipes
  • Nexus, Octopus
  • Docker, Virtual Machines



Gastón Milano

Chief Technology Officer at GeneXus.