Creating APIs beyond REST

APIs are traditionally associated with REST, or as they were with SOAP in previous generations, but APIs can be so much more than just that. In this talk I will describe how we built an API consisting of an asynchronous API using Kafka in combination with a traditional synchronous REST API, and why combining a REST and Asynchronous technologies is perfect to provide the best user experience possible.

Creating API solely using synchronous calls does not necessarily provide the best user experience. By in addition allowing your users to utilize the power and flexibility of asynchronous APIs, you will create a much better experience for everyone. In this talk I will explain in detail how we built our APIs, why we chose the technologies that we did, and talk about the mistakes that we made on our way and how we fixed them. You will learn how to provide a fully complemented API to let your customers experience the full potential of a mature API.



Henrik Stene

Henrik is a manager and consultant with the Norwegian consultancy firm, Aboveit. He is passionate about exploring microservice technology and is pondering how to solve their biggest flaws, like the ...