Get Your Poker Face On: How to Use Scrum Poker to Slay Project Estimations

How long will that take?

It’s a question we’ve all either asked or been asked. How long will it take to get that feature out the door? How much time would you need to build this kind of software? How many people would we need to get this project done in three months? A major component of DevOps is minimizing time to market, but for larger releases, how do you know ahead of time how long development might take?

This session will explore how to use Planning Poker — the Agile, consensus-based estimation technique — to generate thoughtful and accurate responses to those questions. Attendees will gain insight into the process with real-world examples and tips from an experienced project manager and product owner. They will learn how to use Planning Poker for a range of project types and team structures, how to leverage free online tools like a project-planning pro, and how to make the estimation process feel less like a chore and more like a game!



Laura Janusek


As a founding team member at Modern Teacher, Laura has held several roles. She’s currently the Chief Product Officer, focusing on the design and development of the company’s software