Modern Incident Management in a DevOps World - How to automate a process

This is our true story of juggling hot potatoes. In other words - the why and the how of a modern incident management process in the fast-paced world of online media.

Media-focused products have one thing in common - high-velocity deployment environments. From that perspective, we want to show how our 50 teams have dealt with performance issues, outages, errors, etc.. since the 90’s. We want to share with you why we built a whole automation process around our incident management in the first place, and why we implemented DevOps culture across our organization. We’ll look at it from two perspectives: taking a process-centered and a technology-centered approach to answer some difficult questions: What does DevOps mean for us now? How to deal with On-Call? How did this change our uptime?

DreamLab is an IT development hub for Ringier Axel Springer Polska and RASM AG. We build digital products used by 30 million people. Among our core products, you will find Onet, Sympatia, Business Insider Polska, NOIZZ, Blic, Blikkk and other popular media brands.



Marcin Lepiarczyk



Marcin Lepiarczyk is IT Manager responsible for Service Operation & Quality Processes Teams at DreamLab. Over the past 10 years, he has gained progressive experience in management and IT


Piotr Kruk


Piotr Kruk is a Software Engineer at PaaS team in DreamLab. My work focuses on the idea of building fully autonomous systems in which applications are not limited by the limits of a specific