DevSecOps: How to Level Up IT Security Expertise in Your Organization

“Known vulnerabilities are a fact of life with open source software. According to the Snyk State of Open Source Security Report 2019, last year vulnerabilities for npm (Node) grew by 47% while Maven Central (Java) and PHP Packagist disclosures grew by 27% and 56% respectively. They also tracked over 4 times more vulnerabilities found in RHEL, Debian and Ubuntu as compared to 2017. According to the Sonatype 2019 DevSecOps Community Survey, 24% of organizations surveyed revealed a breach within one of their web applications in the prior 12 months.

We all know we need to keep up with the latest trends in cybersecurity and security tooling, but how can we do that without sacrificing our ability to keep moving forward on our business priorities? A tiny security team can’t handle all of the IT security work alone; your entire development and operations team will need to develop an awareness of security tooling and best practices. Learn how to level up the IT security skills and practices in your organization in just a few months!”



Ann Marie Fred

Ann Marie Fred is a DevOps evangelist, software engineer, ops enthusiast, former manager, fixer, and champion of best practices. Her specialties are DevOps, continuous delivery, cloud computing, ...