What to do when your foundation fails you - Disaster Recovery and Contingency Planning for Platforms

You’re at happy hour, maybe two or three glasses of wine into things; suddenly, you get a call from your customer. A hurricane, thousands of miles from where you are, hit your primary data center. Your customer begins to panic because your platform, which is needed for national security, is down.

How do you plan for something like this? We’ll walk through why a disaster recovery and contingency plan for platforms is necessary, what a successful contingency process looks, and most importantly, how you can incorporate a contingency plan into your processes. You’ll leave this talk with an understanding of why this is a worthwhile investment of your time and possibly your customers, in addition to some best practices for implementing a contingency plan.



Khadijah Anderson

Khadijah Anderson is a manager at Blackstone Technology Group. She leads a team of DevOps engineers supporting a platform with more than 20 websites for a large Federal agency. She has spoken at three ...