Doughnut Dilemma - a Lesson in Resource Managers

Doughnuts are made out of eggs, sugar, flour, a milk. An application to be useful requires compute, memory, storage, and networking. What does a delicious doughnut have to do with these pillars of infrastructure? We live in a world of finite resources. There are only so many doughnuts and so much infrastructure to run and power our applications. Resource Managers are crucial to make sure our applications have the firepower to run and be placed on the most efficient infrastructure. Let’s look at varying requests for doughnuts and how popular resource manager algorithms work.



Ravi Lachhman

Ravi Lachhman is an evangelist at Harness. Prior to Harness, Ravi was an evangelist at AppDynamics. Ravi has held various sales and engineering roles at Mesosphere, Red Hat, and IBM helping commercial ...