Growing Pains - What happens when your product gets BIG?

Our product started in 2012 with a handful of developers, running a few short product builds per day, each executing about 10,000 test cases. Today, we have over ten times as many developers working on the product, with a build and test infrastructure running over 250 builds and 20 million test cases per day. At the same time, we have moved to a continuous delivery model that reduced our release cycle from once per year to once per month. Our tools, infrastructure, development process and culture have continually evolved to handle the growth, but the evolution hasn’t always been pretty. This talk will share some of the major changes we have made related to source code management, build management, infrastructure scaling, team organization, development culture, test prioritization, documentation and automation to handle the product’s growth. Which changes have worked for us, which have failed miserably, and what are we still struggling to figure out?



Wendy Raschke

Wendy is a DevOps engineer at IBM and has a soft spot for helping people. That’s really the why she presents and likes being part of the DevOps community, but it can also cause her problems. On her ...