Performance Engineering in the Age of DevOps and Agile

Performance engineering was fairly straightforward in traditional waterfall projects. You would performance test at the end of the project after development and all functional testing was complete. This approach simply cannot work in the age of DevOps and Agile. Release cycles happen too quickly. Code changes too much. Data preparation takes too long. Results analysis is too slow. You need new approaches. Performance engineering needs a new paradigm. And you need to rethink the role of the performance engineer.

Performance engineering needs to shift left and shift right. It must become truly end to end. Gopal Brugalette shares strategies for incorporating performance activities at every stage of your software process. You need to start focusing on it at the Agile story level and then continuously through development and testing. It needs to become part of the definition of done. The DevOps focus needs to continue through to production monitoring and the customer experience. You need a continuous feedback loop from testing and production to development. Performance engineers need to change as well. You have to become tester, data scientist, consultant and teacher. Join Gopal to learn how to transform your performance engineering organization to meet the new challenges.



Gopal Brugalette

Principal Software Engineer @ SAP Concur

Gopal is a Performance Architect/Principal Engineer. His experience spans e-Commerce, Financial and various Technology industries. His responsibilities have