Embracing On-Prem delivery with DevOps

When a SaaS company determines there is a compelling business need for an On-Premises delivery option, the reality is that any technical solution for supporting both Saas and On-Prem will be both difficult and expensive. There are, however, ways to limit the expense and pain. I will share one solution that leverages Docker images and On-Prem Docker orchestration technology to manage complexity of the application codebase and architecture for both SaaS and On-Prem. A key aspect of this solution is that the testing and delivery pipeline allows any SaaS release to be “promoted” to On-Prem nearly instantaneously, depending only on business need. With tooling and process, it is possible to make On-Prem deployments routine and easy.



Maarika Krumhansl

Manager of Development Enablement

I am passionate about inspiring and supporting young women to pursue careers in STEM. My background is in Applied Mathematics, and yet my acting and theatre